Better SMS Surveys


For the price of 1 SMS text message you can send engaging surveys straight to the mobile inbox and get real-time feedback.
No need to send costly multiple texts.


With herotext you can send customer satisfaction, NPS or any type of feedback/survey you can think of. The survey is done in 60 seconds. No waiting for the next text.


Creating the survey campaigns is made really easy using Herotext’s intuitive drag-and-drop wizard. The survey pages can be branded to your requirements.

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Realtime tracking of each Herotext allows you see immediately how the campaign survey is performing.

Response Rate

With Herotext you’ll expect to see a 15-30% response rate. Regular text-surveys (back and forth) have a high abandonment rate. Herotext doesn’t suffer from this.


See daily, weekly reports and analytics for all your survey campaigns. Everything is exportable to excel if you need to do anything further.

  • Herotext is user friendly and easy to use, the interface is well designed and grabs the users attention.  

  • The reports are very comprehensive, formatted professionally and very easy to understand

  • I spent a long time looking for the best online service for running survey campaigns to our customers. In the end I chose Herotext because it was the most intuitive and had the best reporting features. I find the website really easy to use and the Herotext team to be very friendly, knowledgable and responsive to any questions or suggestions I had. Since using it I have been recommending Herotext to all my colleagues in social housing tenant involvement teams.

Pricing Plans

We want to keep the pricing very simple. Flat rate price of 6p to send to the UK and any EU country. No monthly fees, no setup charges simply pay as you go. To get you started we'll give you credit for 10 messages. If you want an own brand, no problem - a white label version is available.

Sending > 10,000 a month?

High Volume

High Volume

Classic with

  • Volume discounts
  • API
  • Invoicing
  • White label

Pricing & FAQ

What do I get on Sign up?

Full access to the Herotext campaign wizards and reports. Upload as many contacts as you like with our nifty contact upload and cleanser. Finally, 60p worth of credit to test the platform. You don’t need a credit card to sign up or test the service.

What is the best way to contact support?

If you head over to our support portal you can search for a solution or raise a support ticket if you need to.

How is this different from other services?

When you send a regular SMS campaign – it’s very hard to measure how the campaign performed. With Herotext, the text message has a trusted link that enables tracking. It’s really like email marketing tools you’ve used before… but this time with better open and click rates.

What’s a trusted link?

We’ve seen that including links that have been shortened by and such doesn’t get clicked as much because regular people have no idea what a bitly is nor what lies behind the link. With Herotext we use short links but they mean something to the consumer when they read them. Examples of our trusted links include:, or